What Is Facial Gua Sha?


Gua Sha is nothing new, it has been around for thousands of years but it is buzzing in the beauty world right now.  Pronounced “gwa sha”, this Traditional Chinese Medicine technique not only feels amazing but has amazing benefits as well.  Working to stimulate the body’s natural anti-aging healing powers, the results are instantaneous and cumulative with lasting effects.  Gua Sha enhances your health and looks of your skin without surgery, needles, chemicals or synthetic injections.  Heck yeah!

The facial treatment involves a stone usually made from jade or rose quartz that is used with upward, gentle gliding strokes to release blockages, breaking up facia and trapped inflammation while increasing blood and lymph flow.  This treatment also sculpts, lifts and contours facial muscles which is why it is even considered by some to be a natural alternative to Botox.  Gua Sha is especially great for neck rejuvenation, face-lifting and contouring, smoothing the skin, improving hydration and diminishing expression lines. Did I mention this feels amazing?

 According to New York based Gua Sha expert Britta Plug, https://fashionista.com/2018/07/gua-sha-facial-tool-benefits,  “The chronic stress of our day to day lives plays out on our faces as a furrowed brow, a clenched jaw.  Facial gua sha is a therapy we can apply to uncoil the daily buildup of stress we experience in the face, and restore health, vitality and glow.” 

Not only does it relieve tension in the facial muscles but while you are relaxing during a gua sha facial you are also de-stressing and nurturing your nervous system which also instantly lifts your mood and spirit.  De-stressing and relaxing helps shut down the sympathetic nervous system which ultimately results in restoring the body.   When we relax our bodies regulate hormones, slow breathing and heart rates, decrease blood pressure and balance brain waves, the goal is to return your body’s baseline so restoration and healing can happen.   A gua sha facial therefore is more than a facial beauty treatment, it benefits the mind, body and soul, the perfect self- care ritual. 

DIY gua sha…can I? Should I?

The correct technique for facial gua sha is important to experience the best results and prevent damage.  Look for a licensed professional that has done a CE course and been trained and certified in Facial Gua Sha. There are many videos and tutorials out there by so called “experts” without training and with improper technique so make sure you are being guided by someone with actual credentials.   In addition to getting professional treatments you absolutely can also DIY (it is actually encouraged between professional treatments!) but follow instructions from your professional certified technician to avoid bruising and bursting capillaries and contraindications. Gua Sha is not recommended for inflamed skin such as those with acne or rosacea or recent sun exposure.

The key in not to be too vigorous especially in areas where the skin is thinner.  It also requires proper prep of the skin, angling of the gua sha tool and supporting the skin with your free hand.  Choosing the right tool can also be difficult as there are many options out there ranging in different shapes, size, material, quality and price.  Your professional can guide you to the right tool and proper home care instructions and regimen.  Typically, gua sha technique for home care is recommended 2-3 times a week but if you desire those injectable-like results, weekly sessions with a professional are recommended.

Want to feel relaxed and restored and have glowing, brighter, hydrated skin?

Two words ladies….GUA SHA.  If you haven’t experienced it, you should.

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