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A holistic health & skincare company

Unity Skin + Wellness

 Total wellness is a lifestyle and a balancing act. Finding harmony in your habits of sleep, nutrition, movement and self-care so that we can feel our best and age beautifully.

Unity Skin & Wellness offers the necessary services to bring your best self outward. Our skin is our biggest organ; we must not neglect it. Love the skin you’re in, inside and out.



Age radiantly and naturally while your stress and tension melt away allowing the skin’s healing power to unite on a deeper level. These massage based facials combined with organic whole plant skincare give immediate results for the ultimate facial rejuvenation and igniting your natural glow.


Gentle and effective to remove unwanted hair on the face or brows for an instant pick me up.


Enhance your natural beauty with this low maintenance treatment that gives the appearance of longer, thicker and darker lashes that last 6-8 weeks.


Ona McKeown

Owner & Founder

Ona; "unity"

I believe overall wellness is defined by creating a lifestyle of balance, uniting all factors that affect our wellbeing.

Sleep, nutrition, movement and self-care.

I began my business to educate and inspire others through my health and beauty services. Combining all I’ve learned in my schooling, I will treat your concerns from the inside out, finding the root of your problem and recommending further changes to help solve it. My goal with you is to unite the integrity of your health + beauty, resulting in the highest level of wellness.

You have the power to reverse your age.
— Deepak Chopra